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I’m Joe Oliver

I was born in Sheffield (the Rome of the North, at least in the number of hills) and after various years of exile in the South-West returned to the City to study at the University of Sheffield where I graduated with a degree in History.

I did various things within the student movement, being a Students’ Union Officer and serving on the Executive of the National Union of Students, before continuing the startling geographical variety of this tale by returning to the University of Sheffield where I currently work.

I don’t anticipate this blog having an over-riding theme, primarily being a place for a potpourri of posts about things which interest me. These may include Higher Education policy and news, Politics (everyone likes arcane political trivia right?), Literature (bits nicked from books I’m reading), and History (or at least accounts of historical places I plan to visit – Given I once made a day trip to see a Norman font when very bored the manor houses of the Peaks and the castles of the North will be like theme parks to me).
There may also be thoughts on the educational cartoon capers of Arthur the Aardvark.

Obviously all views are mine and bear no relation to my employers, or any other organisations in which I’m involved. (Unless libellous in which case they were suggested to me by academics in the Law Department)
Hence the self-centred name, The Oliver Observations.

Rejected suggestions included Joe Bloggs, Oliver’s Twist-ing Kaleidoscope, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream…Blog.
I’m very happy to hear others, as indeed I am to receive any feedback.

If I amuse, annoy, or aid the procrastination of one person then this blog’s research impact will be complete.


Written by oliverobserves

January 5, 2013 at 12:07 am

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